Garbage Day

My kids like to play Trash Jenga at home. This is where they stack trash up and over the garbage can until if eventually falls. The kiddo who makes it fall is responsible for cleaning it up. While I’m all for gamification, this type of game never ends well. In this game, you’ll be playing your own version of what my kids do at home. One wrong move and you’re busted.

Garbage Day, designed by Shane Willis and published by Mayday Games, is comprised of 72 Garbage cards, 13 Mischief cards, and 5 Room cards. The cards are as thick and as durable as your standard playing card. The game’s container looks like a garbage can, which is used during the game.

Making a Mess

To set up the game, remove all the cards from the garbage can game container and place the lid on top of the garbage can upside down. Place the garbage can in the middle of the playing area.

Third, look for the “Clutter” Garbage cards. These have a single star on them. Give one “Clutter” Garbage card to each player. Players place their “Clutter” Garbage card face-up in the area directly left of their Room card.

Fourth, shuffle the unused “Clutter” and the rest of the Garbage cards together to create the Garbage deck.

Fifth, deal two Garbage cards to each player. This it the player’s starting hand. Cards should be kept secret until played. Place the Garbage deck face-down and within easy reach of all the players.

That’s it for game set up. The last player to take out the garbage goes first.

Dragged to the Curb

Garbage Day is played in turns. A player’s turn is comprised of 3 steps which are summarized here.

Step 1: Draw Cards

The first thing a player does is draw one card from the Garbage deck, adding it to their hand of cards. This is repeated until the player is holding no less and no more than three cards. This step is skipped if the player has three or more cards in their hand at the start of their turn.

If there are no more cards to be drawn and there are two or more players still left in the game, the first step is skipped.

Step 2: Play One Card

The player now plays one card from their hand. Cards can be played to three possible spaces which are determined by an icon on the card’s face.

Play to Garbage Can

The player places the Garbage card on top of the garbage can as carefully as possible, taking special care not to have any other cards on the can fall off or move. Garbage cards must be played face-up and the player can only use one hand when placing it. Each Garbage card has two holes that cannot be blocked by the garbage can (forcing the player to place their Garbage card away from the can’s center). In addition, no other card may block the holes, either. A valid card placement allows the player to look down on the card and see the table underneath through the holes.

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